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“The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next.”

Jack has changed considerably in the past 6 months. His personality has changed and he is a much happier boy. He ‘loves’ Arrowsmith, which is truly astounding (and not what I expected). I think the slow transition into Arrowsmith over the first few weeks helped greatly with this. While he enjoys his school and likes his teachers a lot, Arrowsmith is different and Jack feels special in what appears to be a very safe and rewarding environment for him. I think it is also building his confidence.

Jack’s home behaviour has improved. He has always been a very ‘good’ student and behaving well in the classroom but at home it has been a different story. This has changed considerably – he appears to be coping better with life and more able to cope with the end of the day and getting through his bath, reading, dinner, etc.

He is more organized. He is packing his bag for school and actually remembering which days he needs to take his sports gear, his homework and his Arrowsmith folder and being able to pack and prepare for this without any assistance.

Jack’s reading has jumped up by a full year in one term: His reading age jumped from early Yr. 2 level to early Yr. 3 level between mid-term 1 and mid-term 2. We still have a gap of over 12 months to catch up, but it has been a major relief to me that we are now closing the gap (and that it is not getting any wider nor staying the same). My feeling is that Arrowsmith is contributing to this greatly. His health has improved considerably in the first few months of this year so this too is helping him.

Jack’s Mother
June 2017

We are supremely delighted at the changes that Taylor has undergone since starting in the program. We look forward to his continuation of the program and the long-term benefits he will reap as a student of Arrowsmith. We will recommend the program highly to all that will listen. We feel Taylor is at the perfect age to understand that with great effort, comes great rewards.

Taylor’s Father, Steven
August 2017

I have had 2 goals for Peters schooling years; that he would maximize his education potential and that he would enjoy his years at school. Prior to entering the Arrowsmith program neither goal were being achieved. I had spent 4 years trying a multitude of programs to assist Peter with his learning. Unfortunately none of them were successful. I am grateful that the Arrowsmith program has given Peter 2 fabulous years where he has achieved the goal of maximizing his learning potential and thoroughly enjoying these 2 years of schooling. I believe he has a much better skill level and attitude to be able to progress through his secondary schooling years as a result of his Arrowsmith experience. Thank you for the opportunity.

Peter’s Mother, Marie
August 2017

I participated in the Arrowsmith program as an older student to work on my memory.  I believe this has been improved mainly through the clocks exercise which made me sharper in certain areas (especially work), quicker to recall and also able to connect ideas quicker together.  I highly recommend this exercise.

Age 45

Although a sporty child, she has never tried out for team sports at school. Last year she told me this was because she couldn’t understand the rules, positions on the field & what was expected of her in terms of her role within the team. Finally, in her last year of primary school, she has tried out and made it into the Senior Girls’ soccer team. 

 The first half of this year has seen her work super hard on her part-time program at CoreSenses while also undertaking a Vision Therapy program which has complimented the cognitive program beautifully. The commitment she has shown to both of these programs in addition to regular school has been phenomenal. Maria and the staff at CoreSenses have been brilliant. So supportive and encouraging every step of the way. While interstate in the last school holidays we visited a friend enrolled at another school offering Arrowsmith. Although we were there for only one day, they too were so welcoming, encouraging & supportive. In my experience every single person involved with this program is a committed, caring and understanding educator. We are so fortunate to be able to participate in this program.  

We are now just on a year since starting this life changing journey. The program entails an enormous amount of sheer hard work, but acknowledgment and rewards come regularly to keep the motivation high. The joy is seeing small changes in so many ways. Being able to articulate the sense of self belief and increased confidence is wonderful.

Student’s Mother, Alison

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