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About CoreSenses

CoreSenses was born out of a dedication by Maria Commisso, who has provided the program for several years. Her goal was to meet the needs of students and parents who are actively looking for alternate ways to enable themselves or their child to become skilled learners. Our job is to help people of all ages to strengthen their learning capacity, to build new neural pathways, to become everything they want to be.

What is Coresenses?

Awakening capabilities for lifelong learning

Learn more about our program from the students, who talk about their learning journey and how it is changing their life.  Hear from our founder, Maria Commisso, about what inspires her to teach the Arrowsmith Program.

How we work

CoreSenses provides a relaxed learning environment where each student feels valued and supported. Our purpose is to motivate students with best practises, to improve their cognitive functions related to learning and encompassing social and emotional awareness through the Arrowsmith Program.


Director of Learning

Maria Commisso

Maria Commisso is the Founder and Director of Learning at CoreSenses. She has over 45 years teaching and leadership experience in a variety of educational settings including primary and secondary schools.

She has earned degrees in Education as well as Information Studies and trained in the Arrowsmith Program in Toronto, Canada in 2013. 

Maria established and administered the first Australian primary school Arrowsmith Program at an independent primary school. 98 students across a broad age range of aptitudes have worked with the program under Maria’s guidance. Many of these students have developed improved self confidence, re-engaged with learning and improved their academic results since completing the program. A number of the students improved their academic performance at university.

The positive experiences demonstrated by the students participating in the program inspired Maria to establish CoreSenses where she is able to offer the Arrowsmith Program to people of all ages and to the broader community.

Administrative Support

Yvette Lever

Yvette brings significant business expertise including accounting, marketing and project management skills to her role at CoreSenses.  Her career experience spans banking and finance, retail sales, customer service as well as B2B marketing – skills which were important when she was the owner of endota day spa in the Southern Highlands.

Yvette has a personal interest in the work of CoreSenses and in particular the delivery of the Arrowsmith Program, having experienced a child with learning difficulties and the heartache associated with failing the traditional methods available for learning support.  The Arrowsmith Program has made a real difference in her son’s life, resulting in his own ongoing improvement and self-learning. Yvette’s goal is to help spread the news of the outcomes that she knows can be achieved and make it more accessible, eventually teaching the program to more people as an alternative option when addressing learning challenges.  Now that, she says, would bring her great joy!’

Enquiries and Enrolments

If you or a loved one is not reaching their full potential due to a learning difficulty, contact us today for an appointment so that we can share with you some of the outcomes we have achieved.

We are able to announce that due to the current Covid-19 social distancing requirements, CoreSenses is now offering online/at home programs to current and new students.